Using Retinol in Skin Care Routine? Avoid These 5 Mistakes

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Retinol is good for our skin as they are active ingredients that support anti-aging can help you defeat prone acnes. But, retinol will only work if you do them correctly.

Using Retinol in Skin Care Routine? Avoid These 5 Mistakes
Retinol illustration | Pexels/Polina Kovaleva

Here are five mistakes that you usually do when using retinol—that actually can harm your skin.

  1. Not using sunscreen
    Retinol, as an exfoliating product, will make your skin being photosensitive, or overly sensitive to sunrays. Prevent harmful on your skin from UV rays with sunscreen. Make sure to wear the high SPF one!
  2. Not using moisturizer
    Retinol may be very good for your skin, when you use it with right amount and correct way. Never forget to put moisturizer cause this material also can dried out your skin.
  3. Applying too often
    Two times or three times a week is more than enough for you to use retinol in your skin care routine. It is a strong material, so it is not very recommended to use it everyday. Moreover, twice a day. No, no!
  4. Applying together with AHA and BHA
    AHA, BHA, and Retinol. All of them are ingredients using for exfoliating. Applying them altogether will make your skin super dry and could lead to sensitivity. Avoid using them on a same day, but you can using each of them one by one on different days.
  5. Apply the high concentrated one on your first try
    You can’t just use retinol with high percentage at one try. Your skin need to adapt first, and the only one way to do that is to use the low concentrate one and let your skin getting used to the material.
Retinol illustrations | Pexels/Polina Kovaleva

So those are 5 mistakes using retinol that you must prevent to do. Without those mistakes, believe me, using retinol in your skin care routine will bring you bless and better skin health!


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