Is that true?? What Do Your White Nail Mark Mean?

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Hello friends, do you know your white nail mark?

The meaning of white nail mark or leukonychia is often believed to be a sign of falling in love or being missed. In fact, these white lines on the nails can be a sign of certain diseases, such as allergies, side effects of drugs, to certain systemic diseases.

Have you ever noticed white dots, lines, or marks on your nails? Most people believe that the notion of white lines on the nails is a sign that someone misses you. Unfortunately, this is just a myth. The meaning of white marks on the nails is actually an indication of certain conditions.In medical terms, the white line on the nail is known as leukonychia.

White Nail Mark Mean?
White Nail Mark Mean? |

What is leukonychia?Leukonychia is a condition when white lines, dots, or marks appear on the fingernails. Vertical white lines on the nails are generally harmless and can be experienced by anyone.In most people, white marks on the nails may appear as small dots known as partial leukonychia.

There are three types of partial leukonychia, namely:

1. Leukonychia punctate, which is white-lined nails in the form of small dots. This condition is commonly experienced by many people.

2. Longitudinal leukonychia, which is a white line at the tip of the nail surface.

3. Transverse or striate leukonychia, which is a horizontal white line on the nail that appears parallel to the lunula. The lunula is a semicircle or crescent shape at the tip of the nail. This condition is also known as the Mees line.

In some people, the white marks on the nails can be larger and fill the entire surface of the nail.This medical condition is known as total leukonychia. White marks, dots, and lines on the nails may occur on one or more of your fingernails.


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