Who is The Best Nail Artist In The World? Did You Know His Work?

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It turns out that there are a lot of nail artists scattered all over the world, you know at least one of them. We’ll show you some of the most famous nail artists whose work is worn by the world’s top celebrities.
If you know one of them, check their social media accounts, maybe there are many nail art inspirations from them that can amaze you.
The best list for us refers to the level of expertise and fame they create where each of their unique and latest work is always an example for some of the nail art activists in the world.

Here is a list of some of the best nail artists that will blow your mind:

1. Jenny Bui

Source : Americansalon.com

Who doesn’t know Cardi B? A very bold RnB singer with long, pointy nails. Of course Jenny adapted to Cardi B’s taste for glitz and glamour.

2. Tom Bachik

Source : Popsugar.com

Tom bachik is not an ordinary nail artist, this man is not half-hearted subscribed to many big artists such as: Kim Kardashian, Kerry Washington, and Jennifer Lopez.

3. Kimmie Kyee

Source : Fashionmagazine.com

There are many celebrity names who use the services of Kimmie Kyee, but some like Khloé Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen, and Mary J. Blige are clients who are the most frequent customers of his work.

4. Mei Kawajiri

Source : Wwd.com

Are you a fan of the Gigi and Bella Hadid sisters? then you definitely know the nail artist who usually decorates her beautiful nails, she is Mei Kawajiri. The dramatic effect that Mei produces is able to make the appearance of models like them extraordinary.

5. Naomi Yashuda

Source : Besttroutemedia.com

For celebrities who like quirky looks like Lady Gaga and Kesha, Nail artist Naomi Yashuda produces sophicated and detailed works.

So those were 5 famous nail artists who work for the world’s top celebrities, have you found your best version yet?


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